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Have you been mistreating your hair? Rapunzel can offer a wide range of hair treatments to get your locks looking luscious and healthy.

Luxurious hair and scalp treatments by Rapunzel.

Experience our relaxing massage chairs

Experience our relaxing massage chairs whilst you enjoy your hair conditioning treatment. We have a special section of the salon reserved for you to relax whilst your hair is washed following your treatment.


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Help! I've made a mistake and my hair is green...

Help! My hair is so dry and looks like straw...

This is a common problem when you try to change your hair colour at home. If the tones are not equally matched, your hair can turn a strange green or orange colour. Rapunzel can correct this quickly and have you looking your normal self in no time.

Heat, colourants and even the environment can make the healthiest of hair seem dry and frizzy. Rapunzel are proud to offer treatments that are guaranteed to tame and nourish your frizzled hair. Our 30-minute treatments are heavenly for even the most malnourished locks.

Our hair treatments are out of this world! Call Rapunzel to book an appointment to transform your hair:

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